Course Info - Brief History

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Course Goals

The first view of this archetypal links course should elicit anticipation and excitement to players of all skill levels.

Let it test one’s visual and perceptual ability, decision making and shot-making : let it not be difficult, rather let it be interesting and engaging so that the use of handicap produces near equality.

Provide choice to all groups of players but never let this lead to indifference and let the stern tests be shots to embrace and issues simple yet visually dominating to engage and occupy the mind.

On the whole let the player see the results of good play but punctuate this with blind issues to let mystery have a place.

We use the topography and weather variances to the full with dunes and vegetation forming visual spines to many holes.

Although most holes are readable from the tee we are part way through the implementation of our design to counteract technology programme that will promote risk and reward play for various groups on their selected route to the hole.

Let the subtle slopes and borrows to the greens be intuitively readable on approach and putts makeable if close to the intended hole positions : let the putts from long distances on our large signature greens be challenging yet engaging due to firmness and pace.

In the summer months create a visual and distinctive personality for the course through its bunkering, contour and landscape mosaic’s of stands and bents, described by the editor of Golf Monthly as “some of the best in Scotland”

In 2009 the greens and there surrounds were described by the R &A’s appointed agronomist as being amongst the very best of their type in Scotland and are thus a unique and valuable aspect of the course.

Although large in size the more challenging pin positions make for engaging approach shot making : green side bunker recovery and depending on the angle of approach the playing of the links style forward release or pitch and run shot.

Nowhere at Leven are the slopes considered troublesome or confounding and in general they help the wayward shot release to a favourable position.

Greens are generally asymmetrical thus pin positions determine the degree of difficulty when recovering from left versus right or short versus long.

Greens and their surrounds at Leven are generous in size to give manageable targets under windy conditions and provide for running shots from the preferred angle of approach.

May the firmness, pace and intellect of Levens greens and surrounds be a source of engaging consideration to even the most accomplished of putters !!